In the world of fast-paced technological development that we live in today, the Electronics Product Development sector incorporates an ever-increasing range of products. We have a dynamic base of operation and offer innovative electronic product development solutions to a diverse profile of clients.

We understand and work with key technologies that are applicable to a wide range of electronic product designs spread across several sectors. We adapt these technologies to create customized solutions at every stage of the product development process, from concept development to architecture development, detailed design, testing, and the transition process of the product into manufacturing.

However, since we work with clients who have varying in-house operating models and require different types of services, the list of product development services that we offer is flexible, so that you can decide where exactly you need our assistance. Typically, we have the capability to develop new product concepts, 3D modeling, research and feasibility estimates, electromechanical drawings, "working" prototypes, sheet metal or machined parts designs, cable configurations, circuit designs and complex microprocessor based systems.

Offering this kind of a range of services requires a highly specialized team, and that is just what we have developed: a team of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, PCB designers, software engineers, human factors engineers, and test engineers who have serviced several clients and industries.

So, if you have a product development need or require any form of assistance in the development process, feel free to contact us either on these numbers (1-800-305-9001 or 856-848-9001) or through email. We look forward to talking to you about your application.