At Technisys, electronic invention development is one of our specialties.Developing a new electronic product is very tedious and time consuming, but our team of experts knows how to facilitate the process for you in a highly professional manner.

We are able to develop the product from the concept development stage right through to the final product design, testing it and making sure that it reaches the manufacturing process smoothly.The specific stages in our electronic invention development process include formulating and developing the new product concepts, doing research and making feasibility estimates, conducting 3D modeling during the designing and development process, making the necessary electromechanical drawings, and providing the relevant technical documentation.  We will then develop the PCB design, build ‘working’ prototypes, test them and finally, develop the packaging for your electronic product.

Apart from the capability of our team to conduct every step of the development of your new electronic invention from start through the production phase, we also offer you control and flexibility. You have the option of picking and choosing which of our invention development services suit you, for any specific step along the way.

Our team has over 70 years of electronic engineering experience, and we have been developing inventions for clients throughout the electronics industry since 1993. You can trust in our knowledge and experience to help you develop your electronic product invention. To learn more, please contact us by phone or email.